A-level & Undergraduate Philosophy Tutoring Services

I offer a range of both A-level and undergraduate tutoring services


I offer one-to-one and small group tailor-made tutorials in and around the Dorking area.


I also conduct tutorials via Skype.


My rate is £45 per person/hour

A-Level Essay Writing and Proof-Reading

Writing an essay is a difficult undertaking. It is designed to test your knowledge and show how well you can discipline your thoughts about it in a formal way.


A-level/Pre-U philosophy papers demand excellent essay writing skills. 

​I offer an essay tutoring service designed to help you achieve the best possible grades through developing the skills required to write an excellent essay.

How It Works: You send me a copy of your essay electronically to a.brockless@gmail.com or use the contact button below.


Word documents are best. I will mark it in detail using the comment function and suggest specific ways in which it can be improved. I will also supply questions and recommend further reading to aid future learning.

Fees: It costs £12 per marked script. You will be able to pay online securely using PayPal or by making a direct bank transfer if you prefer. I will provide my bank details at the appropriate time.

Undergraduate Coursework

University coursework is tough, not least because guidance outside your lectures can be difficult to find; writing skills need to be sophisticated and your research thorough. You need to ensure the structure of your work is coherent and that it reflects the degree level at which you are supposed to be working.  


Having taught and examined undergraduate philosophy at Heythrop College (University of London) for nine years, I know what is required and am able to help you.

Services & Fees

Proof-reading from £12.00:  This covers basic spelling and grammar. I will correct and, in some cases, re-phrase your work.  


Essay Marking and Commentary from £20: This covers spelling, grammar, stylistic correction and detailed commentary on your work. All you need to achieve a better mark.


Essay Marking, Commentary and Tutoring from £30: Covers all proofing, provides a detailed commentary, re-phrasing  and specific written advice on re-drafting. 

To discuss your requirements email me at: a.brockless@gmail.com 

Or use the contact button at the bottom of the page.

You will be able to pay online securely using PayPal or by making a direct transfer if you prefer. I will provide my bank details at the appropriate time.

Marked essays will not be released until payment has been received.

Suggested A-Level Philosophy Reading List

Essential (Basic)

Chrisman, M (et al). Philosophy for Everyone. Routledge. London. 2013

Nagel, T. What Does It All Mean? .OUP. New York. 1989

Warburton, N. Philosophy: The Basics (5th edition). Routledge. London. 2012

Warburton, N. Philosophy: The Classics (4th edition). Routledge. London. 2014


Blackburn, S. Being Good. OUP. Oxford. 2003

Blackburn, S. Think!. OUP. Oxford. 2001

Braddon-Mitchell, D. & Jackson, F. Philosophy of Mind and Cognition: An Introduction to Philosophy of Mind. John Wiley & Sons. New York.  2006

Cockburn, D. An Introduction to Philosophy of Mind. Palgrave Macmillan. London. 2001


Audi, R. Epistemology: A Contemporary Introduction to The Theory of Knowledge. (Second Edition). Routledge. London. 2003

Nagel. T. ‘What is it Like to be a Bat?’ in Mortal Questions. CUP. Cambridge. 1979

Kant, I.  Grounding for the Metaphysics of Morals. Trans: Ellington, J.W. Hackett Publishing Company. Indianapolis / Cambridge. 1993.

Rosenthal, D. The Nature of Mind. OUP. Oxford. 1991 (an anthology of primary literature that comprehensively covers topics in philosophy of mind. Email me if you would like further guidance)