Sumburgh Head, Shetland

Birds: Arctic Skua (both phases); Great Skua; Fulmar; Guillemot; Kittiwake; Puffin; Gannet; Shag; Greater Black Backed Gull; Common Gull; Arctic Tern; Blackbird (♀); Wren (Shetland); Black Guillemot; Oystercatcher; Wheatear; Herring Gull.

Butterflies: Painted Lady

(A note: The first Guillemot jumpling was observed on 08/07/2019 and one would expect a good number of chicks to have made the perilous jump from their cliff-ledge nursery by now. That said, I neither observed nor heard many chicks (they give a characteristic and penetrating “cheep”) and, overall, the colony seemed rather thin.)

Arctic Skua (dark phase)

Atlantic Puffin


Great Skua (Bonxie)



Sumburgh Hotel & Sumburgh Airstrip

Northern Wheatear

Fair Isle

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