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Public Lectures and Research Presentations (selection)

2018: 'Reason, Causes and Political Unrest’ (Kant’s Cave Public Lecture)

2018: 'Thought, Consciousness and The Brain' (RGS Guildford Scholarship Conference)

2017: 'Trust, Truth and Political Conversations' for the London School of Philosophy’s summer school at Conway Hall.

2017: 'The Importance of Education in Plato' (3 talks on 3 philosophers: International School of Philosophy public lecture at Conway              Hall in London). You can listen to this lecture by clicking here

2015: 'The Humanising Potential of Conversation & Its Importance in Philosophy' (Philosophy Now Festival public lecture)


2015: 'The Forgotten Philosophy of Lev Vygotsky' (Philosophy Now Festival public lecture)


2015: 'A Response to Stephen Law’s Evil God Challenge' (Kant’s Cave Public Lecture)


2009: 'Rights and Individuality' (The Human Person Research Conference, Heythrop College, University of London.)


2008: 'Seeing Connections and The Realm of Meaning' (Research Seminar at King’s College London).


2007: Attitude is All Important - Some Thoughts about the Role of Attitude in our Epistemic Apparatus. (Research Seminar at King’s College, London)


2006: "Oh come on! Be Rational!" - Some Thoughts on the Role of Trust in Rational Argument. (Part of the Normative and Narrative series of research lectures at the University of Hertfordshire)

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