A-level Philosophy (AQA)

On this page you will find summaries of many of the topics covered in the the AQA Philosophy specification and the philosophy components of Pre-U Philosophy & Theology, Edexcel Religious Studies and OCR Religious Studies. Each is available for £2 and provides clear, detailed but easy to understand discussions and explanations of the topic. A sample page is available here. At the bottom of this page there are also links to useful internet resources that will help with your revision. 

You can browse through all course guides by clicking anywhere on the image below.

There is an index of course guides by topic (and unit) underneath the image.

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Index of Course Guides
Unit 1: Epistemology & Philosophy of Religion

What is Knowledge? BUY NOW £2.00

Analytic & Synthetic Propositions Explained! BUY NOW £2.00

Foundationalism & Coherentism BUY NOW £2.00

Induction & Deduction Analysed BUY NOW £2.00

Reliabilism & Virtue Epistemology BUY NOW £2.00

Knowledge & Truth: 

Internalism & Externalism BUY NOW £2.00

Gettier Cases! BUY NOW £2.00

Perceptual Knowledge BUY NOW £2.00

Descartes Explained Part 1 BUY NOW £2.00

Descartes' 1st  & 2nd Meditations BUY NOW £2.00

Descartes' 3rd Meditation BUY NOW £2.00

Necessary & Contingent Truth

and Logical Positivism BUY NOW £2.00

Direct Realism BUY NOW £2

Representative Realism BUY NOW £2.00

Idealism (Berkeley) BUY NOW £2.00

Recollective Knowledge & Plato's Meno BUY NOW £2.00

Necessary & Sufficient Conditions BUY NOW £1

Introduction to Empiricism BUY NOW £2.00

Kant's Epistemology BUY NOW £2.00

Philosophy of Religion (more coming soon)

Arguments for the existence of God BUY NOW £2.00

Arguments against the existence of God BUY NOW £2.00

Unit 2: Ethics & Philosophy of Mind Course Guides


Introduction to Moral:

Subjectivity & Objectivity BUY NOW £2.00

A.J. Ayer's Emotivism BUY NOW £2.00

Hare's Prescriptivism BUY NOW £2.00

Relativism BUY NOW £2.00

Normative Ethics

Introducing Utilitarianism BUY NOW £2.00

Mill's Utilitarianism BUY NOW £2.00

Higher & Lower Pleasures and 

Act & Rule Utilitarianism BUY NOW £2.00

Peter Singer: Preference Utilitarianism BUY NOW £2.00

Introduction to Kant's Deontological Position BUY NOW £2.00

Kant's Moral Philosophy in Detail!! BUY NOW £2.00

Virtue Ethics Explained! BUY NOW £2.00

Practical Ethics

Suicide & Mental Illness BUY NOW £2.00

Euthanasia & Abortion in Depth BUY NOW £2.00

Philosophy, Depression & Conversation BUY NOW £2.00

Philosophy of Mind (more coming soon)

Introducing Philosophy of Mind BUY NOW £2.00

Introducing Theories of Mind BUY NOW £2.00

Other Useful Resources