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These video resources are designed for those struggling with content (AO1); they also aim to aid independent study and focused revision. Arranged in order of unit. Scroll down until you find the topic you need.


  1. Moral Philosophy

  2. Epistemology

  3. Metaphysics of God

  4. Metaphysics of Mind

Moral Philosophy Unit 1 (Normative)

Utilitarianism: Introduction & Bentham's Hedonic Calculus
Act & Rule Utilitarianism/Higher & Lower Pleasures
Preference Utilitarianism
Nozick's Experience Machine Argument Against Utilitarianism
Kant's Ethics: The Basics
Kant: Categorical & Hypothetical Imperatives
Kant: CI Formulations & Perfect and Imperfect Duties
Aristotle's Virtue Ethics 1
Aristotle's Conception of Soul + VE


Emotivism, Cognitivism & Non-Cognitivism
Richard Hare's Prescriptivism
Hume's Law: Why you cannot derive an "ought" from an "is"
Mackie: Error Theory & Argument From Queerness
Moral Realism: Naturalism
Moral Realism: Non-Naturalism, Moore's Nat. Fallacy


Justified True Belief (J+T+B) & Necessary & Sufficient Condictions
Responses to Gettier - Reliabilism & Virtue Epistemology

Theories of Perception

Direct Realism
Indirect/Representative Realism
Idealism (Berkeley)
Descartes' (Cartesian) Scepticism
Descartes: Clear & Distinct Ideas + Cartesian Circle
Descartes' Ontological Argument
Innate Knowledge & Rationalism
Plato on Innate Knowledge (Including 'Slave Boy' example)
Leibniz on Innate Knowledge (including 'Block of Marble')
Empiricism 1
Empiricism: Hume

Metaphysics of God

The Concept and Nature of God
The Ontological Argument (Anselm, Malcolm, Plantinga)
Descartes' Ontological Argument
Arguments From Design
Cosmological Arguments
Religious Language

Metaphysics of Mind

Substance Dualism
Type Identity Theory (Physicalism)
Functionalism (Physicalism)
Eliminative Materialism (Physicalism)
Epiphenomenalism (Physicalism)
Property Dualism (Physicalism)
Zombie Argument for Property Dualism (Physicalism)
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