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Welcome to my website!

Here you will find details of my activities and interests as a philosopher, writer, composer and naturalist.

You will also find information concerning my academic and teaching activities including the classes that I run and useful free course materials for A-level and undergraduate philosophy students.

Adrian Brockless


Philosophical Work

Conservation & Narural History

Outside of academia, I have worked professionally for the National Trust as a Species Protection Warden on a Northumbrian nature reserve (protecting Little & Arctic Terns); this was a summer contract in 2010. For a short while, I also worked as a Countryside Ranger for the Deadwater Valley Trust where I carried out surveys and promoted awareness of the wildlife of the area to the wider public


I have published in academic journals of philosophy and written feature articles for wildlife magazines. Additionally, for two years, I wrote two columns for the Dorking Advertiser Newspaper - one on wildlife and the other on philosophical questions that are raised in local and national news stories. Some publications can be viewed on my Publications page.

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My main compositional interests lie in writing

Piano and vocal ensembles, as well as acapella groups. My music has been performed on both BBC radio and TV. This page contains links to a few live recordings and radio interviews about my music - scroll to bottom of page for these. Click here to read a review of my ‘Berceuse’ for string quartet. (Farnham Herald 2010)

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Latest news

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